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Stephen is the founder and director of Masterplank. His dream was to create a business in which his team were happy in what they do every day enabling them to thrive in excellence. He is dedicated not only to his family but his team and ensuring they love and enjoy everyday. His dedication to customer service is amazing, He wants every customers experience with masterplank to be second to none.


Mark is our Managing Director. One of the nicest guys you will meet and full of knowledge. He was very excited to come on board with the business and has such a great vision for the future of the company.


Jordan was the first employee to Masterplank! He is our Operations manager. His role is to make sure the production operations run smoothly and his dedication to helping the team flourish has never gone to miss.


Jack is our fabrication Manager. He battles every day with our metal work designs creating them to perfection but also manages the team to make sure every deadline is met. His work is skilled and talented, he really shines through on custom metal work and creating new designs daily.


Shaun is our Woodshop manager. His role is to ensure every deadline is met through out the different staions within the workshop. He is one of the hardest workers we've come across and will always put the business and customers first. He is also a very talented carpenter teaching and guiding the younger and newer members of the team.


Cally is our packaging manager. He is in charge of everything inbound and everything that leaves us. He provides the last finishing touches and quality checks of all our products. A very important member of our team.


Aiden is our wood workshop supervisor. He is a great asset to our wood team. He ensures the wood is cut and sanded to size and all our amazon orders are out on time, his motivation to the team is outstanding.


Josh is a vital team member of our woodwork team. Josh ensures every custom piece of work is completed, his day could range from making desks to bespoke cupboards. His hardwork shines through everyday.


John is a massive part of our packing team but also one of our trusted delivery drivers. He travels around the UK to ensure your deliveries arrive perfectly. He will also install your items if needed for you. When he is not on the road he is packing table orders ready for collections.


Keith is our very talented senior welder. His work and commitment is incredible and will forever go above and beyond for the team at Masterplank.


Jake is a very important member of our wood team. Every morning he will take a new order list and focus on fulfilling everything that day. He is hardworking and puts so much pride and effort into his work.


Cam is a part of the packing team running mainly with all of the amazon orders. Believe it or not he was actually Stephen's neighbour during lock down and he, to this day believes he came up with the company name (He didn't). Cam is hard working and never fails to put a smile on someones face


Lewis is our junior Aprentice welder and he is absolutely smashing it. He's been with us over a year and his work looks as if he's been doing it for a lifetime. Everyday his confidence increases and we are very lucky to have him.


Oli works within the woodroom. He has recently stepped up to fill a postion making the bespoke dining table tops and is absolutely smashing it. He works with a smile on his face and forever shows pride in the products he creates.


Meet Fox, he is our newest member to join our team. He takes charge of all our amazon orders insuring they are all cut and sanded to size then stained and finished to order. We are glad to have him on-board.